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Some things I have learned about being an artist last year

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I have learned that:

Dreams require determination and very hard work. I am not where I will like to be in my career, but I am persuaded.

Adversity: The thing I was always asking myself – Am I willing to suffer for it? Adversity is something I have seen in others and have read, “Passion must be something we are willing to suffer for.” To experience it is far different from wanting to do so.

Mistakes: Allowing myself to make mistakes is not just part of the growing process, its part of life. As persona who generally do not like making mistakes, I find myself always making them, and knowing that it’s inevitable and is helping me to grow.

Retreat: Taking a step back to rest or regroup has helped me find new ways of expressing myself, creativity has a hard time working a tired mind.

Trapped: There were moments  when I felt cornered by my own expectations as well as by others and did not know what to do, I have learned that I can change things up a bit, but this is still a work in progress.

Practice: The system that helps form your creativity. The old saying,”practice makes perfect” is so true.

Excuses: I can’t carry my camera, workout clothes, pc and personal stuff all in one bag, that’s too heavy. I had to learn how to prioritize each day.

Contentment:  If you are an artist, you know the struggle is real, its not easy. I had to learn to be content (still learning) in every situation.

So make as many mistakes as you can, every click of a camera, instrument you play, string you pull, brush stroke, threading, dance move you make is just practice. Continue to remain passionate and be willing to endure. Realize that you are not going to enjoy every moment, some tasks maybe daunting, and others smooth sailing, but every moment is rewarding and beneficial because you are working for your passion. Build on the things you have learned last year and remember to remain grateful.


Author: wendyamw

WendyAnn Williams is an artist who uses photographs to document people, places, and personal narratives. Her standard medium is the portrait,and works from the conviction that a portrait is a meaningful narrative series of photographs made with respect for the art and the individual. She believes there are multiple truths represented in each image because it provides and confronts constructive realities, even when our eyes are easily deceived, this is depending on the viewer, and the context in which it is represented. WendyAnn was born on the island of Trinidad & Tobago in 1968. She always had a love for the art and was inspired by father at a very young age but never pursued it because the art was too expensive. When migrated to the US, she began her studies at Manhattan Community College and continued at Hunter College, in which she received her BA in Psychology 2013. While studying at CUNY she took some photography classes which reignited her passion for the art. And with her DSLR camera gifted to her by her husband, started a life long dream. Since then she has been taking photographs as a hobby, documenting life. Her long term goal is a commitment to the principle medium, portraits, to a place and to a community. With a desire to work with human rights organizations in creating a series of meaningful portraits documenting displaced and marginalized communities around the world. In hopes that her projects be can be used in communities, exhibited and distributed worldwide.

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